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At the Heart of Efficiency

Linablu is specialized in vehicle performance aerodynamic development and optimization. By combining technical rigor and innovation, we transform fluid mechanics into concrete solutions to offer a pragmatic and efficient design.

Why choose Linablu for the Aerodynamics of your Vehicle?

At Linablu, the development and optimization of vehicles is oriented towards robust and reliable performance to achieve ambitious targets while ensuring customer satisfaction. Performance indicators and comparative studies are implemented to constantly evaluate the on-going progress.

Aerodynamic Analysis

In-depth understanding of turbulent phenomena and their modeling allow us to identify challenges and to lead developments with efficiency.

Technological Integration

The calculation codes and methodologies are regularly updated to offer the best in the field of the Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD. Their deployment on HPC computing centers offers the opportunity to consider large-scale modeling and multiple parametric variations.

Personalization and Adaptation

Each project is unique and we consider all its dimensions, particularly economic and industrial, to follow your specifications. We naturally adapt our technical service to changes in constraints and objectives during the development.

Our mission is to transform your concepts into high-performance creations, where every detail is optimized to meet the fluid mechanics challenges.

Innovation services for vehicle aerodynamics

Linablu offers a wide range of vehicle aerodynamic development services to meet the most important challenges in terms of behavior and pure performance, reliability and polluting emissions, comfort and handling.

Case Example

Innovate and adapt

The aerodynamic development contribution is at the heart of Formula 1 and Moto GP performance. Perfectly illustrating this by pushing the limits of innovation is the philosophy that Linablu adopts in its projects.

Improving the acceleration of a motorcycle by adding an anti-wheelie device.

The development and optimization of the design of a Moto GP wing add significant and drivable front downforce to a robust improvement in performance during acceleration phases.

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Gain Performance and Efficiency

Linablu improves the design of your vehicle by providing excellence in performance through aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Our expertise and creativity deliver unique and personalized solutions for all air, land and sea vehicles.

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