Simulation of Swells, Waves and Tsunamis

Get Control of the Nature Forces with Linablu

At the heart of the Waves

Linablu is specialized in the simulation of extreme swells and tsunamis, with the aim of helping to secure and optimize coastal and maritime structures. By determining the wall forces and hydraulic coefficients, our simulations and our experimental plans allow you to make the best technical choices for your structures.

Why choose Linablu for your Maritime Simulations?

At Linablu, the expertise in fluid mechanics is transversal and allows us to approach the modeling of phenomena and their effects with a constant approach of rigor and efficiency.
Our studies lead your project towards concrete and realistic solutions.

Hydrodynamic Analysis

Understanding the forces of the air and water turbulent mixture and their correct modeling allows us to quantify the challenges and to bring value to the development.

Technological Integration

The two-phase unsteady calculation codes and methodologies are regularly updated to offer the best in the field of the Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD. Their deployment on HPC computing centers offers the opportunity to consider large-scale modeling and multiple parametric variations.

Personalization and Adaptation

Each project is unique and we consider all its dimensions, particularly economic and industrial, to follow your specifications. We naturally adapt our technical service to changes in constraints and objectives during the development.

Our mission is to transform your concepts into high-performance creations, where every detail is optimized to meet the fluid mechanics challenges.

Innovation services for the hydrodynamics of maritime structures

Linablu offers a wide range of services to study and develop maritime hydrodynamics and thus respond to the most important challenges in terms of fighting against the storms the submersions.

Case Example

Simulate beyond the experimentation

Global warming will increase extreme storms. Past events also show us the need to protect ourselves against tsunamis. The simulations offered by Linablu allow you to project yourself into the future and help to develop the appropriate solutions to face these future risks.

Validation of the resistance of a breakwater to extreme wave and tsunami forces.

Unsteady maritime hydrodynamics are simulated to develop an effective breakwater allowing a good control of wall forces and a very significant dissipation of these extreme events energy.

Plan towards safety and efficiency

Control marine risk and anticipate extreme phenomena

Obtain a customized analysis of your project and benefit from our know-how to create and innovate.

Let’s develop your best solution!

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