Swarm of Aerial and Marine Drones

Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Optimization

Fluid mechanics to optimize a swarm of drones

Get Control of the Sky and the Sea with Linablu

Linablu improves the performance of aerial and marine drones by designing their aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Our simulations and optimizations make it possible to increase the scope of the mission through a better control of their energy consumption, particularly for the swarm drone configurations.

Why choose Linablu to Optimize your Drones and Swarms?

At Linablu, the development and optimization of the shape of the drones and their swarms are oriented towards robust and reliable performance to achieve the objectives set by the mission. Performance indicators and comparative studies are implemented to constantly evaluate the on-going progress.

Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Analysis

Whether aerial or marine, understanding the phenomena of fluid mechanics and their use as well as an in-depth knowledge of their modeling allows us to identify the challenges and to control the development with accuracy.

Technological Integration

The calculation codes and methodologies are regularly updated to offer the best in the field of the Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD. Their deployment on HPC computing centers offers the opportunity to consider large-scale modeling and multiple parametric variations.

Personalization and Adaptation

Each project is unique and we consider all its dimensions, particularly economic and industrial, to follow your specifications. We naturally adapt our technical service to changes in constraints and objectives during the development.

Our mission is to transform your concepts into high-performance creations, where every detail is optimized to meet the fluid mechanics challenges.

Innovation services for drone aerodynamics and hydrodynamics

Case Example

Bring the bio-inspiration to the swarms

The potential for aerodynamic or hydrodynamic optimization of swarms is clearly visible in nature, whether among migratory birds or in fish schooling displacements. Taking this through innovation and developing controlled performance is the philosophy that Linablu adopts in its projects.

Optimization of a swarm of drones’ energy consumption.

The aerodynamic optimization of flight interactions allows all of these quadcopter drones to significantly increase the distance they travel and reduce their energy consumption, with each new entrant making a positive contribution.

Optimize the energy of your drones

Maximize the potential of your aerial or marine drones

Find the best combination for your drone swarms and increase their mission capacity.

Get your project off the ground with Linablu.

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