What we do

Fluid dynamics is transverse and applies to all technologies, systems and natural areas of our environment. Here are some topics we can explore for you :

motorsport slipstreaming simulation

Performance of racing vehicles, parametric studies and sensitivities.

We bring you accurate and rigorous understanding to help you towards better handling and winning progress.

ahmed body simulation k omega SST

Research and development projects, physical correlation studies.

We support you in your innovation, from the preparation to the validation of your design.

wing foil aerodynamics hydrodynamics multiphase simulation

Calculations of all flows above and below the surface.

We propose multiphysics multi-domain simulations for the nautical and naval fields.

quadri rotors drone MRF simulation

Lift and drag of flying systems including multi-rotor drones.

Because vehicle compacity and mission range matter we optimize the aerodynamics efficiency.

Linablu - irregular waves in a 2D wave flume

Waves simulation for coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering.

We provide energy spectral analysis and sea level elevation prediction.

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